Maintenance is a vital step in the performance of your fire suppression system. Once your job site is ready for us, we will begin the installation process. At CQ Fire & Safety, we are certified ANSUL distributors, meaning we are certified to design, install, and service your ANSUL fire protection system. The person who will handle scheduling, billing, and assistance. Do not allow anyone except an authorized ANSUL distributor to perform maintenance on your ANSUL system. ANSUL INERGEN 200 Bar System Design, Installation, Recharge, Maintenance Manual, Dated November 24, 2017 (Rev. Fire suppression systems are mechanical devices. A proud Ansul Double Diamond Alliance Partner, State Systems specializes in the installation of Ansul fire suppression systems that work as clean agent fire suppression mechanisms to protect your Mid-South property and all that is inside. Maintenance to your system must be performed semi-annually. 4. Ansul System Wiring Diagram – ansul fire suppression system wiring diagram, ansul system micro switch wiring diagram, ansul system wiring diagram, Every electrical structure consists of various different components. Where to Install ANSUL Foam Fire Suppression Systems. The system designer must be consulted whenever changes are planned for the system or area of protection. Never use corrosive cleaning solutions on the fusible links or cables. With The Fire Protection Depot’s latest UL 300 fire suppression systems, you won’t have to worry about fires because these systems provide 24 hour fire protection, detection and suppression. in the Ansul R System Design, Installation, Recharge and Maintenance Manual,. Since fires from many flammable liquids cannot be controlled with a traditional sprinkler system, foam systems suppress fires by separating the fuel from the air (oxygen).The main fire-fighting agent, Aqueous Film-Forming Foams (AFFF), is based on a combination of fluoro-chemical surfactants, hydrocarbon surfactants, and solvents. tions contained in the detailed installation manual. ANSUL® products are distributed through a worldwide network of over 1000 fire protection professionals. Experienced commercial kitchen fire protection contractors such as Master Fire Prevention are expert at surveying your establishment, and making sure that your fire suppression system is not only precision tight, but cost effective. Kitchen Fire Suppression System Installation in Southeast Michigan New System Installations for Commercial Kitchens. They’re capable of quickly detecting fire using a unique arrangement of nozzle systems that ensures maximum coverage. The Ansul system combines a dynamic design with an effective Low pH liquid agent called Ansulex, which quickly kills flames and makes hot surfaces cool, while at the same time developing a thick “vapor securing blanket” that helps prevent the fire from restarting. 2.2.1 The basic system shall consist of an ANSUL AUTOMAN regulated release assembly which includes a regu-lated release mechanism and a wet chemical storage tank housed within a single enclosure. The nozzles through which the wet chemical agent are disbursed are laser focused on … ). There is a reason that people ranging from general contractors to multi-location restaurant owners trust Industrial Fire for their ANSUL® Installations. Kitchen Hood Installation, Repair, Fabrication & Sales. People looking for ANSUL® Installation typically want it done properly, reliably, and on time at a fair price. The Ansul R-102 Liquid Agent System is the premier fire suppression system on the market today. Mechanical or electrical gas valves shall be available for gas line shut-off applications and two (DPDT) double pull double throw microswitches for activation of the shunt trip breaker (provided by others) for electrical equipment. The extinguishing agents provide fast fire extinguishing and prevent fire re-flash. Ansul Systems, Amerex Systems, ProTex II Systems, Buckeye Systems, Pyro-Chem Systems, Range Guard Systems, Kidde Systems and many more! When you run a busy commercial kitchen in Southeast Michigan, business survival depends on the ability to quickly detect and suppress fires. So you can feel confident that your fire protection equipment will be designed and installed correctly the first time-every time. Copies of .INSPECTING YOUR R SYSTEM Your Ansul R system should be inspected at least monthly. 12. Configuration tool makes system installation and setup clear ; Easy integration with existing ANSUL ® fire protection systems with no change to the basic fire suppression system; Multiple temperature ratings in a single hazard zone adapt to the needs of a wide variety of appliances; Greater peace of mind. We go through extensive on-going training so that our customers have peace-of-mind and know their system will be installed and or … We offer commercial kitchen fire suppression installation in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Canton, Redford, Troy, and the surrounding communities. Ansul Restaurant Fire Suppression System Installation If your restaurant or business is needing a new installation of a Ansul Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems or needs and upgrade to the current exisiting hood suppression system, contact Captain Fire Protection Corp., we are authorized distributors of the highest quality fire protection systems serving the entire Westchester County, NY region. It is essential that the system be maintained properly. Upgrading Pre-UL and dry chemical systems. Amazingly, so many fire companies fall short on this. In the event of an emergency we are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to minimize your business downtime. Ansul R102 System Installation & Inspections. Ansul systems are industry-leading and fully reliable, which is why we use them. These systems are UL 300 listed, NFPA compliant and made in the USA. The Ansul system cost is worth paying when considering the alternatives. maintain the ANSUL system. The #1 source for Ansul System Inspection Long Island NY for all restaurant, eateries, delis, pizzerias and commercial kitchen hoods. design permits quick and easy installation in single or multiple system configurations.So it can handle a single mesquite grill and hood or an entire kitchen full of cooking appliances. Restaurants face higher risks of fire emergencies then many other industries. These products consist of a liquid wet chemical agent stored in stainless steel tanks and enclosures mounted adjacent to the kitchen canopy. Each is ANSUL-trained and supported by our field sales staff, technical and customer services departments. Since special hazards vary between industries, ANSUL offers several products to meet the needs of your business. As an official distributor, we regularly attend intense product training programs to be instructed and tested in the design, installation, and service of Ansul fire suppression equipment. As such it must be performed in accordance with NFPA 96 (Standard for the Installation of Equipment for the Removal of Smoke and Grease-Laden Vapors from Commercial Cooking Equipment) and NFPA 17A (Standard on … This is the most cost-effective system, as only the appliances that need protection are covered. Ansul’s initial activities included production of cattle feed, refrigerants and selected specialty chemicals.The name Ansul comes from ANhydrous SULfur dioxide (SO 2), which was sold to die works and fruit preservers, and later as a refrigerant. They need periodic care. 02), SENTRY Water Fire Extinguisher - Model W02-1 - … Argos Fire Protection is an authorised distributor covering the whole of the UK and are the sole agent for Ansul in the South West. The US system includes all parts to complete the system as well as field installation and certification. Repairs, repiping, removing piping, changing nozzles and much more. As an authorised distributor we offer installation, servicing, repair and upgrading of all Ansul kitchen suppression systems. Each part should be set and linked to other parts in specific manner. Hydrostatic testing Cylinders. An Ansul System is a wet chemical fire suppression system designed for professional kitchens. There are two effective Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems – Ansul R-102 and Ansul Piranha. Nozzles are selected and aimed at specific hazard areas on a given appliance such as a grill or fryer. Licensed Nassau & Suffolk (631) 741-0003. Types of ANSUL Systems. There are two design options. Kitchen Fire Suppression System Request Business Name: * Point of Contact * First. In the event of a fire, the wet chemical agent, known as Ansulex, is automatically discharged from all nozzles, activated by fusible link detectors. The Diamond Alliance recognizes Ansul system distributors for outstanding performance in the sale of special-hazards fire protection equipment. We both sell and install Ansul components at very competitive pricing. Should you discover any irregularities, contact an authorized Ansul distributor immediately. Ansul systems are capable of protecting every type of cooking equipment including range tops, broilers, fryers, and griddles. Ansul is a corporation headquartered in Marinette, Wisconsin that manufactures fire suppression systems, extinguishers, and offers fire training. This is the Owner Operator Training for the Ansul R102 Restaurant Fire Suppression System. The products we install here at State Systems, Inc. include: SAPPHIRE Novec 1230: This clean agent suppression system uses a revolutionary fire protection fluid that instantly vaporizes upon discharge. ANSUL® Systems and Installation Services For Any Facility. 11. Contact us at (724) 371-7288 in Pittsburgh, PA, to safeguard your commercial kitchen against harm with our fire suppression Ansul system. We can design and install an advanced fire suppression system to limit the spread and damage of a fire in your restaurant or commercial kitchen. As an ANSUL, Kidde, Pyro-Chem and Amerex distributor you can count on us to design, install, certify, service and repair systems of all major manufactures. There is a second design option which provides blanket (overlapping), appliance protection. 04) , ANSUL AUTOMAN II-C Explosion Proof Releasing Device Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual (Rev.

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