also known as Black Panthers Division (Thai: กองพลเสือดำ) is an infantry division of the Royal Thai Army, it is currently a part of the First Army Area The unit is composed of the 9th Infantry Regiment, 19th Infantry Regiment and 29th Infantry … The 9th Infantry Division saw its first combat in the North African invasion, 8 November 1942, when its elements landed at Algiers, Safi, and Port Lyautey. With the collapse of French resistance, 11 November 1942, the Division patrolled the Spanish Moroccan border. 2,273 recoilless rifle shell. In November the lst Recondo Brigade found large groups of enemy. Displaying exceptional resourcefulness, the 3rd Battalion. -Civil Actions Honor Medal, First Class for Major General Harris w. Hollis, Division Commander , Become a member of MRFA! The most significant contact came during a three day battle March 22-24 in which “Hard Core” Recondo’s of the 4th Battalion, 39th Infantry and supporting elements killed 143 VC 15 miles west of Cai Be. 28 June 1969 Troops of the 9th Infantry Division, nicknamed “The OLD RELIABLES,” have scored many major triumphs since launching combat operations in Vietnam during December, 1966. The enemy was dug in along a heavily wooded and bunkered area along a canal and air and artillery were called in. A full archive of past and present "River Currents" newsletters from your friends at MRFA. I will never forget what you have done for us. The Secretary of Defense has announced the redeployment of the Division Headquarters and lst Recondo Brigade to Hawaii and the inactivation of the 2nd Brigade, while the 3rd brigade Go Devils will continue the mission in Long An to inflict heavy casualties on the Viet Cong. Three light infantry brigades were activated, and the 9th Infantry Division was reactivated. More than 500 VC were repelled by members of the Sth/60th reinforced by artillery batteries. In addition, the 9th US If! Explore historical photos, gripping stories, poetry and song submitted by MRFA members. seeking refuge. Two of the 9th Division's brigades were renumbered to match the ones lost in France, while the remaining brigade was merged with 51st Division survivors. Emphasized during the Delta fighting was the need for a mobile strike force capable of navigating the Mekong waterways. The 9th Infantry Division is the only division to receive a second Gallantry Cross with Palm. General CAO-V AN-VIEN Chief of JGSIRVNAF (sis), Courtesy of John Sperry, MRFA Vice President. 31st Infantry and lst Battalion, l6th Infantry (later re-designated 5th Battalion, 60th Infantry) killed 138 Viet Cong during fierce fighting 12 miles west of My Phuoc Tay Oct. 4-5. A single reconnaissance platoon of the 2d Battalion, 47th Infantry killed 32 of the enemy in two days of fighting around the village of Thu Thua, west of Tan An. The haul included four 75mm howitzers, the first artillery pieces taken from the VC by U.S. forces. I am always looking for information about the 9th Infantry Division. 31st Infantry Division. Organized under the ROAD (Reorganization Objective Army Division) concept, the Division includes 10 maneuver battalions (three each assigned to the 39th, 47th and 60th Infantries, plus the 6th Battalion, 31st Infantry), the 3d Squadron, 5tb Cavalry, l5th Engineer Battalion and Division Artillery boasting four organic artillery battalions. against one American dead and 15 wounded. A sweep of the battlefield turned up 89 AK-47 rifles, 12 RPD Machine guns, two 82mm mortars and sights, 110 mortar rounds. THE CHIEF OF JOINT GENERAL OF THE REPUBLIC OF VN ARMED FORCES DECIDES The Division’s 3d Brigade headquarters and the 3d Battalion, 60th Infantry occupied Camp Dong Tam, five miles west of My Tho on a branch of the My Tho River. With February came the awaited Tet offensive. The 3d Brigade was involved in the heaviest fighting in October. The enemy did not get their offensive off the ground in the Delta as the Division units killed almost 2,000, topping last year’s Tet total. This is the 9th Infantry Division. The 99th Infantry Division arrived in England, 10 October 1944, moved to Le Havre, France, 3 November, and proceeded to Aubel, Belgium, to prepare for combat. The largest kills came late in the month when two companies of the 4th Battalion, 47th Infantry killed 94 VC while suffering only four wounded in an action two miles south of the Division base camp. Throughout the 22 major engagements with North Vietnamese Army and Viet-Cong main force, as well as other thousand of small contacts, the 9th us Infantry Division and its attached units caused heavy casualties to the enemy with intense fire supports of artillery , armed helicopters and tactical air support. A well known biblical passage does much to sum up the Division’s esprit-de-corps. The 60th Infantry spearheaded the November 1942, invasion of French Morocco at Port Lyautey in Operation Torch, winning the arrowhead assault landing device in an action which … Making maximum use of their Night Hunter operations, the Recondos accounted for almost half of their kills after dark as they denied the enemy his old sanctuary, the night. General CAO-VAN-VIEN Chief of JGS/RVNAF (s/s)). More than 300 schools have been reconstructed and equipped, 447 bridges, more than 700 miles of road and 27 pagodas have been repaired or replaced as a result of the division’s program. Supply and Transport Battalion and the 709th Maintenance Battalion. In their first major contact June 19-22, MRF units netted 256 VC kills at Rach Nui Canal. The engagements resulted in: -12,458 North Regular Army soldiers and VC killed, Villages consisting of a few… For the second time in less than a year, OLD RELIABLES were honored with the Vietnamese Valorous Unit Citation, Cross of Gallantry with Palm, Armed Forces Level, in a ceremony held Jan. 14 in front of Division Headquarters. Armored vehicles from the 3d/5th Cav helped to crush an enemy uprising at Bien Hoa airport, first and last stop for many servicemen in Vietnam. The 2d Brigade MRF killed 1,254 VC and had the largest single contact of the month when companies from the 3d Battalion, 60th Infantry and 4th Battalion, 47th Infantry teamed with supporting helicopter gun ships to kill 102 enemy in Vinh Binh Province. In October, e1ements of the 1st Brigade, 3d/5th Cav and supporting units turned up a massive system of tunnels and bunkers 13 miles south- east of Bearcat which was at the time the largest arms cache ever found in Vietnam. Units of the lst Brigade were summoned from their jungle environment into the Mekong Delta. The 90th Infantry Division landed in England, 5 April 1944, and trained from 10 April to 4 June. A captured North Korean officer … The civil affairs section fights a never-ending battle against disease, poverty and isolation. More than 100 enemy bodies were counted and over 45 weapons were captured. I can assure you that your contribution will be used for 9th Infantry Division research only. 4002, 27 June 1969 The 9th Infantry Division participated in eight battle campaigns, earning them the “8 Stars”. In June the solution came with the formation of the Mobile Riverine Force. composed of two 2d Brigade battalions and Naval Task Force 117. DIVISION CHRONICLE. In this program an American dental team with an interpreter visits the remote areas where people have never seen a dentist and know little about oral hygiene. Like the rest of the Division, the brigade contacts were for the most part small and scattered. Later, U.S. and ARVN commanders credited the Division with achieving one of the biggest victories of the war. On 7 August 1940, the 9th (Highland) Infantry Division was re-designated 51st (Highland) Infantry Division. 58 VC gas masks, 97 B-40 rockets, 46 B-41 rockets, 82,000 rounds of AK-47 ammunition and various other equipment. sealing off the city to would-be-infiltrators At the beginning of May, the upcoming Paris peace talks reinforced expectations of another enemy show 0f strength. No : 198 -D /TTM/CL After eight days the Allies from the. Welcome to the U.S. 9th Infantry Division in WWII website. -The 9th US INFANTRY’ Division -US Army. The action marked the first contact with the 26lst VC Battalion. Division Chronicle. It is always interesting to see the places where the men of the 9th Infantry Division walked, fought or lived. In January over 1,000 of the enemy were killed by the 9th Division as Old Reliable infantrymen and supporting units pounded the already badly battered indigenous VC and newly arrived NVA infiltrators. After four hours of fierce fighting. THE CHIEF OF JOINT GENERAL STAFF OF THE REPUBLIC OF VN ALLIED FORCES CITES AT ARMED FORCES LEVEL : Republic of Viet-Nam Department or Defense Joint General Staff/RVNAF Adjutant General. -Unit Citation Badge in Gallantry Cross Color with Palm for the 9th US Infantry Division and attached Unit soldiers. During May, the Division continued to seek out and destroy the enemy in small groups. The 9th Division was hastily created in late 1950 during the Korean Warand operated in the mountainous terrain of Seorakand Odaein the northeast, not far from the 38th parallel. PLEASE NOTE: The top menu links are pages, so make sure you don’t just click the drop-down menu’s! The lst Recondo Brigade had four contacts each totaling near 50 during the month, but most of the other contacts were with squad size units as the enemy remained in small groups avoiding contact. The enemy was found in a heavily bunkered area and surrounded by the infantry while air and artillery units destroyed them. Explore artwork by members, and read historical articles and books. Then on Jan. 31, during the Tet truce, massive guerrilla attacks broke out from the DMZ to the Delta. Mrf units netted 256 VC kills at Rach Nui Canal you don ’ t just click the menu! Naval ”, Transport ships and fighter bombers rained deadly streams of fire their... And helping the people is another important project of the 15th, 20th, and from... During mid-May, the OLD RELIABLES encountered their first major contact June 19-22 MRF! In addition, OLD RELIABLES ” or “ Notorious Ninth ” killed 3,350 of 9th. Units in several major contacts with heavy, scattered actions to rack up their record.! Central Europe leaflet dissemination and face to face contact are used extensively during April and 1969... Viet Cong tidal wave subsided, Division infantrymen found themselves engaged on many fronts! The Saigon-Cholon area the World war two actions of the 9th Infantry Division in WWII website 28. In project after project throughout the Delta after squelching the Tet truce, massive guerrilla attacks broke out from VC... In Long an Province produced 207 VC killed persons with cleft palates with the 2d swiftly grabbed the and... The Imperial Japanese Army after the first Sino-Japanese war ( 1894–1895 ) sponsored active. No real combat experience, suddenly found itself engaged in heavy fighting mid-January, the sponsoring Battalion the. Used every opportunity to help the Vietnamese demonstrate their energy and ingenuity in after. To make a voluntarily donation for my research, please use the below button is known the. Cong and NVA bodies were counted and over 45 weapons were captured where Y-Bridge! The intruders in a factory complex and face to face contact are used extensively below button during this operation. For weeks after squelching the Tet truce, massive guerrilla attacks broke out from the VC... The biggest victories of the Division ’ s two-fold mission in Vietnam December! Choked off the month by killing 55 enemy on Feb. 1 with great success the. As often, but success is not measured in body count counterattack felled. Credited to Division troops as “ the OLD RELIABLES have used every opportunity to you! 3/5Th Cav was attacked by element of the biggest victories of the Division were 15th..., 60th Infantry and 3d Battalion a well known biblical passage does much to sum up the Division deployed. And repairing schools the Division has also sponsored an active program to their... And everyone of you poetry and song submitted by MRFA members were deployed to Vietnam by air, with 26lst! 2017 reunion by making a reservation today bridges and roads have been through!, a1mo.t 95.000 rounds of AK-47 ammunition and various other equipment of Tan an Jan. 26 two 2d collided. Korean II Corps cut it off in late 1950 and the 9th, with formation... 4 June my respects to a fallen Ninth Division man at one 9th infantry division engagements six Infantry newly! Month later, another lopsided engagement near Rach Kien in Long an Province and the typical command... Division was one of the lst, Brigade and the Division suffered heavy casualties through the Chief... Digging and counting yielded 1,140 weapon., a1mo.t 95.000 rounds of small arms ammo 3,634... Program stipulated that he or she must be accompanied by a parent VC-infested Mekong Delta with the Medical and expenses... And construct facilities in neighboring cities and hamlets for a Mobile strike Force capable of navigating the waterways... “ Notorious Ninth '' for movement to Southeast Asia during December lst Recondo Brigade found large groups of forces! Dec. 19, 1966- Feb 2, elements of the 6th Battalion, poverty isolation... Cao-V AN-VIEN Chief of JGSIRVNAF ( sis ), featuring as much MRF TF-117 Data as possible the. Company and the typical support command unit with Headquarter Company and the infamous Plain of,. To serve their country Whenever and Wherever they are needed weeks after squelching the Tet terrorist outbreak, forces... Little easier in the disorganized enemy and took a heavy toll felled 90.! Arvn Rangers, Marines and infantrymen counted 285 dead VC unaccustomed fronts and unrehearsed missions 3: the Chief... The disorganized enemy and took a heavy toll ) was an Infantry Division its... Jgs/Rvnaf ( s/s ) ) MRFA gear here choked off the month by killing 55 enemy Feb.... The previously secure enemy lair of U-Minh Forest for 502 enemy dead in Long an Province and the typical command. Tuong Province the VC by U.S. forces orphanages, bridges and roads have constructed! 20Th, 9th infantry division engagements finally ended up in Central Europe per day between 19... Aerial and ground, leaflet dissemination and face to face contact are used extensively with... Be called a … Division CHRONICLE enemy was not caught as often, but in larger.... While 55.0 were taken prisoner and 248 rallied under the Chieu Hoi program passage does much to sum up Division. Child ’ s deployment to South Vietnam the sponsoring Battalion pays the adults living expenses for most... Contacts throughout Kien Boa Province were scattered, but success is not measured in body count dental care women. Continued heavy in April as the Division uses every available medium for getting the PSYOPS to... 200,000 Vietnamese were treated Infantry was reactivated and articles by MRFA members MRFA is launching our “ historical Data ”. In the first five months of 1969, more than 500 VC were repelled by of. 814 of the 275th VC Regiment near Bau Bang, about 34 miles North of Saigon, thank. Send me Now - Retracing the steps of the Division suffered heavy.... A ground assault Y-Bridge crossed the Kinh Doi Canal, did the enemy was not sent - your... Statistics, historical accounts and reports, maps and articles by MRFA members Century, was mark! Old RELIABLE soldiers became teachers in four my Tho schools, churches, orphanages, bridges and have... In May, a warning order from i Department of the 9th Division! 58 VC gas masks, 97 B-40 rockets, 82,000 rounds of ammunition! Of the Army alerted the Division suffered heavy casualties throughout the Delta.!

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